Criteria Criteria Details Point
 1. Quality of poster  Well-organized the research and project log.  10
 2. Quality of presentation  Clear explanation of the project,  research method, results and conclusion.  10

 Originality of the problem, unique approach to solving a societal problem.

 4. Feasibility

 Practical applications of the project; economic and technological consistence, does the project contribute to the society in some way.

 5. Literature review  Have scientific literature and references been used during research?  10
 6. Scientific Thinking  Do students have a clear statement of the hypothesis? Are the goal and the identification of all relevant variables clearly defined?  10
7. Scientific Methods/ Data management  The students must prove that they are well aware of the contents of the substance, followed by appropriate methods for experiments and investigations.

Proper recording and playback of data in tables and graphs, proper analysis of the data.

 8. Conclusion  Sketches of logical conclusion, the consistency of the statement with acquired results, recommendation for further investigation.  10
 9. Research Skills and Effort  Level of skills and efforts of (every) researcher to carry out the project of work, knowledge of techniques and equipment used to collect data.  10
 10. Insight / Understanding of Project  Insight of (every) student into each step during the implementation of the project.  10