INESPO, an initiative of Cosmicus Foundation, has since been transformed into a partnership with Wageningen University & Research and the stichting Technasium.

The INESPO (International Environment & Sustainability Project Olympiad) is an international olympiad that was first organized nationally on May 16, 2009. Since 2010, the olympiad has extended to an international level with over 45 different countries participating every year.

The national edition of INESPO 2020 is cancelled due the Corona crisis. We will organize the national edition in 5 June 2021. The international edition of INESPO will be held in Wageningen University and Research in 2022. The date and venue for this International edition of INESPO in 2022 will be announced later.

Protection of the environment is essential to the quality of life of both present and future generations. The challenge is to combine this with a permanent and lasting economic growth. However, climate change only makes it more challenging. The environmental policy of the European Union is based on the conviction that stringent environmental norms can form a stimulus for innovation and can offer new opportunities for businesses. Furthermore, the environmental policy has to be interwoven with economic, social and industrial policies. Europeans consider their environment quite important.

Euro barometer polls show that a large majority (more than 70%) wants policy makers to balance environmental policy with economic and social policies. As individuals, Europeans are ready to support environmental policy, but they would do even more if they have better information about environmental options that costs little to nothing. Furthermore, they need to be convinced that their co-citizens do the same so their precautions are not in vain. The Cosmicus Foundation strongly believes in this and therefore wants to make the younger generation more aware of its contribution to the environment by introducing simple and practical scientific educational projects. The international Olympiad will be the stage where the future generation practices its knowledge and love for science by contributing to a solution for different environmental issues. After all, the earth gets affected more and more due to human interference and if we do not take action soon, the consequences will be devastating.

INESPO is intended for students between 13 and 18 years from secondary/high schools and vmbo-, havo- and vwo-schools in the Netherlands. By organizing INESPO, the organizers want to bring attention to environmental problems in schools across the Netherlands. Their goal is to involve students in this important matter and bring communal consensus on social environmental values and to eventually eliminate the environmental problems through education.

All projects that meet the listed requirements can participate in the Olympiad. However, there will be a preliminary elimination round due to the large amount of registrations. The full criteria established by the work group can be found under Regulations.