Every year our a distinguished body of professors, lecturers and professionals from various private organizations, act as judges during the INESPO Olympiad. All of these individuals are in one way or another connected to the theme of sustainability and are devoted to tackle the issues in this area.

The jury goes about judging the projects in a meticulous and unbiased matter. None of the information that is gathered or issued by the jury is disclosed in any way to anyone from the organization except the jury secretary prior to the awards ceremony. The jury deliberation occurs in the private quarters reserved solely for the jury. No one is permitted to enter these quarters except the members of the jury and the jury secretary, thus insuring a uncontaminated and unprejudiced result.

Jury Registration

It is an honor for INESPO to have such distinguished jury members. We are always looking forward to welcoming new jury members. If you are interested in being a jury member, please contact us; jury@inespo.org