At this page you can see the winners of INESPO 2012.

International awarded projects
(G: general, P: Presentation & Preparation, S: Scientific Thinking, C: Creativity & Feasibility, I: Insight)


Award Country Project title
Gold medals
1G Romania Automated system using Artificial Intelligence to recognise traffic jams or other natural disasters like hurricanes, fires, etc…
1P Bosnia and Herzegovina Micron Water Cleaning


Turkey Thrombin immobilized alginate based medical product that reduce coagulation time: new generation band aid
1C Brazil ECO FUN – Ecological playground built with tubes of toothpaste
1I Mexico Mechanical prosthetic arm
Silver medals
2G USA The Potential Use of Turning Rust into Magnetite Nanoparticles to Reduce Levels of Cadmium and Arsenic (V)  from Lake and Deionized Water
2P Cambodia Solar Cooker
2S Luxembourg Defense of Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) Against Herbivory and Heavy Metals with Insights on the Sulfur Metabolism
2C Turkmenistan New designed bee sting machine (bsm) and usage of dead bees in medicine
2I Tanzania Natural mosquito repellent: lemon grass
Bronze medals
3G  Albania Reuse waste, save the energy, save the world
3P  Albania Cleaning the sea from the oil slicks by using sunflower stalks
3S  Indonesia Manufacture of activated charcoal of cocoas skin using natural activators as an absorbent in the regeneration of edible oil
3C  Tajikistan The novel pesticides labelling system
3I  Lithuania Protective case for mobile phones
Encouragement awards
4  Romania Comparative analyses of the different types of agriculture
4  Egypt Recycling Water
4  Mali The helping of nature
4  Myanmar Natural Alternatives to Synthetic Pesticides Arthropod control (aphids) by Lawsonia inermis (Henna) with different solvent extracts Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antimycotic property of henna for the plants
4  Turkey Observing the Inhibition Effect Of Tannin-Added Acrylic Insulation Materials On Corrosive Behavior In Ferrous Chlorine Environment
4  Malaysia Once ignore now hero: banana stalk based activated carbon (bsac)  as low cost adsorbent for basic and reactive dyes removal
4  Netherlands Sustainable fitness
4  Macedonia The Cellulose Cycle – A Novel, Environmentally friendly and Cheap Method for Cellulose Regeneration
4  Macedonia Chemical composition and antimicrobial activities of pinus peuce,pinus heldreichii and pinus sylvestris in additional recycling of the waste products for paper making and natural herbal soap
4  Malaysia GARFISH Hg Deactivator
Audience Award
AA Kazakhstan Worldwide enforcement of alternative energy sources and its development in Kazakhstan


Dutch awarded projects

Award Specifications School Project title
Gold Participation in Intel Isef – USA Calvijn College (Goes) WavEnergy
Silver Participation in ISWEEEP – USA Cygnus Gymnasium (Amsterdam) Earth warmth vapor engine
Bronze Participation in Mostratec – Brazil Calvijn College (Goes) Environmentally friendly red ink
Special awards
1 Participation in Fast – Italy Gymnasium Juvenaat (Bergen op Zoom) Sustainable cooking
2 Participation in London International
Youth Science Forum – UK
Gymnasium Apeldoorn (Apeldoorn) Sustainable fitness
3 Participation in U4Energy – Belgium Bonhoeffer College (Enschede) Selective street lighting on solar energy
Encouragement Awards


Het Assink Lyceum (Neede) Sea pollution by oil
4 Cosmicus College (Rotterdam) Salt-sweet-sea program
Audience Award
AA 250 Euros Calvijn College (Goes) Ecosaver