6th INESPO 2014 awarded projects

Congratulations to all!


Prize Stand ID Project ID Country Project name
1st Prize – Gold Medal 37 2087 Czech Republic Nanokegs with the ability to bind anions
1st Prize – Gold Medal 56 1824 Taiwan Relationship between sexual deprived drosophila, npf, and the following behaviors
1st Prize – Gold Medal 57 1773 Ukraine Spider pholcus phalangioides – the best bioindicator of buildings
1st Prize – Gold Medal 59 1873 Indonesia Treatment of oil spill by buffing dust as an efficient adsorbent
1st Prize – Gold Medal 68 1868 Ukraine The intellectual insecticides
1st Prize – Gold Medal 74 1554 USA An investigation of cellulosic ethanol, iteration three: increasing glucose yield utilizing hydrogen peroxide under basic conditions
1st Prize – Gold Medal 85 1567 USA A novel approach to removing oil spills from seawater by using sustainable and cost-efficient materials
1st Prize – Gold Medal 115 1907 India A novel eco-friendly technology to keep the banana leaf green for 1 year without using any chemicals
1st Prize – Gold Medal 139 1871 Turkey 3d green energy in our pockets “ultra-hybrid charging device”
1st Prize – Gold Medal 143 1919 Bosnia & Herzegovina Piezo-tree and rainfall a “perfect” combination
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 4 1450 Brazil Sustainable reuse of waste insoles
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 6 2084 Czech Republic Porous semiconductors iii-v
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 14 1864 Bosnia & Herzegovina Pump it up !
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 30 1876 Indonesia The waterproof plasterboard
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 36 1995 Puerto Rico Puerto rico jaguas district, fornés sector in the municipality of peñuelas spring water quality
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 41 2079 Poland The huge importance of small insects
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 45 2028 South Korea Research of luffa cylindrica leaf extract’s antiviral effect for tmv
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 49 1647 Romania Using robots in preventing wildfires, firebot
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 60 1689 Romania Mosquitoes favorite food today, tomorrow is poison  for them…!
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 62 1505 Malaysia Silica gel from bamboo ashes
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 64 2090 Italy Appiedi per trento
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 67 1858 Taiwan Self-powered light-emitting diodes: using leds as solar cells and lamp
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 79 1918 Ukraine Wave-powered desalination plant
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 82 1800 Romania Real time home security alert system
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 87 1439 Thailand Evaluating heterotrophic growth under nitrogen starvation of thai native microalga, chlorococcum humicola promising biodiesel with waste water treatment.
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 98 1692 Thailand Preparation and application of silane-modified pectin for treating copper contaminated wastewater
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 104 1553 Turkey Super bee fertilizer
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 114 1906 India Micro weather forecast with the help of gsm based automatic weather stations
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 124 1631 Turkmenistan Making bed bug (cimex lectularius) resistant the lightest and the most feasible particle boards
2nd Prize – Silver Medal 129 1807 Iran Removing nano-silver by bio absorbtion
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 3 1881 Bosnia & Herzegovina The versatile banana
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 7 2082 Georgia Biogas
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 10 1860 Iraq Newly developed c4 detector
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 15 2086 Czech Republic Measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence. Future of agriculture?
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 19 1597 Moldova Healthy grapevines without heavy metals
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 20 1874 Indonesia Simple way to distinguish fresh and used unbranded cooking oil by using betadine
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 21 1900 Bosnia & Herzegovina Neem and Sage
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 29 1750 Moldova Energy production in desert by using sands
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 34 2027 South Korea Effect of korean traditional onggi on detoxification of cryoprotectant and cryoinjury prevention in sperm cryopreservation
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 40 1652 Malaysia A reusable and everlasting endo surgical grasper using compliant mechanism concept
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 42 2015 Portugal Smartkit
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 47 2077 Puerto Rico Comparative study of the antibacterial effect of natural essential oil of eucalyptus globulus (myrtaceae) and melaleuca armillaris (myrtaceae) in escherichia coli atcc 11229, escherichia coli k-12 and staphylococcus aureus atcc 25903
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 50 1642 Kosovo River cleaner mark 1
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 52 2080 Poland The research into the perception of personal space in aspect of claustrophobia.
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 61 1666 Kosovo Multiplying water energy and increasing the water electrolysis by 5 factors with very high efficiency in 100% ecological way
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 71 1690 Romania “bio-scabicide” – an alternative bio-remedy for the existing toxical-chemical  treatment  for scabies
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 75 1985 South Africa Effects of colour to maize (corn) to feed sheep
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 76 1841 Turkey Cancer stopping herb: research of klammath weed’s (hypericum perforatum) effect on head and neck cancerous cell through scratch assay method
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 83 1706 Macedonia Mineral – heavy metal hunter for having a healthier life
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 86 1987 South Africa Sweeting the harful effects of frost on plants
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 89 1963 Tanzania Greener tanzania with wind solar hybrid energy
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 92 1523 India A novel way of treating vegetable pest using tinospora cordifolia
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 93 2075 Romania New organic fertilizers applied on artificial soil
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 96 1437 Iran Raising environmental awareness through recycle arts
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 97 1988 South Africa Improving intumescent paint to combat fires in informal settlements
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 111 1968 Tanzania Automatic thermo irrigation system
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 113 1474 Turkmenistan Ecologically safe and energy-efficient methods of dehydration of natural gas
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 117 1661 Turkey Biotechnological method development based on affinity membrane system for antibody recognition
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 127 1952 Macedonia Chemical deposition of quantum-sized semi-conducting thin films of antimony (iii) selenide – sb2se3
3rd Prize – Bronze Medal 141 1945 Turkmenistan Producing the endangered caspian sturgeon fish by forming artificial food chain (microalgae- spirilunaà artemia salinaà sturgeon fish) in caspian sea
4th Prize 1 1729 Albania Isolation in closed environment
4th Prize 8 1449 Hong Kong Heat reviver
4th Prize 13 1475 Azerbaijan Mini cooler
4th Prize 18 1571 Lithuania Determination of the purity of the milk fat content by using optical properties of milk
4th Prize 24 1592 Azerbaijan The  removal  of  silver  from  electroplating wastewater
4th Prize 25 1964 Bosnia & Herzegovina Electricity from household heat dissipation
4th Prize 26 2085 Czech Republic Application of two mathematical models for calculation of drag force acting on an airfoil in supersonic flow
4th Prize 28 1536 Kosovo Flora on ash hills formed by thermal powerplant activity
4th Prize 35 1771 Mexico Ecopollos
4th Prize 39 1538 Kosovo A new safe flame: the increase in the efficiency of hydrocarbon burning and decrease in the co emission upon the application of excess o2 gas and magnetic field
4th Prize 48 2088 Czech Republic Depth-Dependent Investigation of Photovoltaic Conversion Efficiency of Thin Film Solar Cells
4th Prize 53 2081 Portugal Organic and intensive agriculture: two realities at our table
4th Prize 70 1720 Pakistan The power of sewage
4th Prize 73 1419 Kosovo Paper money, a novel vector for liver cancer: detection of molds & toxins, assessment of cancer risk and solutions
4th Prize 78 1962 Tanzania Truly green energy: electricity from the green plant pigment, chlorophyll.
4th Prize 81 1504 India A novel wound healing product using non – toxic natural ingredients
4th Prize 84 1921 Cambodia Bioconversion of sugar beet molasses into ethanol
4th Prize 88 1852 Tajikistan Coccinella septempunctata: management of the pest in tomato plants via integrated method
4th Prize 90 2050 Ukraine The insoluble anode for water purification devices and water treatment based on ni-w
4th Prize 94 1788 Macedonia Synthesis of new antioxidants, vitamins (polyphenols)
4th Prize 95 1922 Cambodia Gasifier stove
4th Prize 99 2011 Tajikistan Purification of dushambe (tajikistan) sewage water with water hyacinth and production of biogas from water hyacinth
4th Prize 103 1838 India Fibres from weed
4th Prize 105 1857 Macedonia Using clay to decrease ammonia, nitrates and nitrites in drinking water
4th Prize 106 1932 Cambodia From waste to energy, papaya seeds biodiesel
4th Prize 109 1965 Thailand Preservation of property of  natural rubber using tio2
4th Prize 121 1993 Turkey Environmental pollution fighter: the buoy with laboratory analysis for environmental pollution and waste water
4th Prize 122 1656 Kazakhastan Bioremediation of natural reservoirs of heavy metals using azolly
4th Prize 123 1551 Kyrgyzstan Electromagnetic filter-air cleaner
4th Prize 126 2023 Cambodia Valorization of coffee grounds for a new sustainable development-  natural biodiesel
4th Prize 128 2069 Slovakia Monitoring pollution on the upper watercourse of the river hron
4th Prize 131 1989 Thailand The effect of pectin from pomelo peel on yield of pathumthani 1 rice
4th Prize 132 2007 Turkey Enviromental  intelligent  farm
4th Prize 137 2083 Turkey To investigate the presence and amount of detergent residue in the pan and cups washed in dishwasher
4th Prize 138 1984 Macedonia The application of modern genetics technology – improving the quality of bread
4th Prize 140 1826 Iran Absorption some of the air pollutant using the electrostatic method
4th Prize 142 1726 Kyrgyzstan Harmful effects of urine
Encouragement Award 2 2018 Azerbaijan The effects of air pollution on kids
Encouragement Award 5 1715 Croatia Geoelectric research of soil
Encouragement Award 11 2044 Kenya Green pesticide
Encouragement Award 12 2026 South Korea Quantitative morphological classification of paleozoic strata of crinoids fossil based on analytical calculation
Encouragement Award 16 2070 Spain Crystallography, a world to discover
Encouragement Award 22 2046 Kenya Making biodegradable plastic from potatoes
Encouragement Award 23 1739 Mexico Remote control via mobile
Encouragement Award 31 1805 Nigeria Recycling school
Encouragement Award 33 2049 Kenya Guava soup to treat skin diseases
Encouragement Award 38 2071 Spain Graphene; the material of the future
Encouragement Award 43 1721 Pakistan Energy generated from elevators
Encouragement Award 46 1840 Chad Milk production  based on peanuts
Encouragement Award 54 1815 Pakistan Waste tyres  a big problem or can it be valued as black diamond
Encouragement Award 55 1456 Paraguay Music and environment
Encouragement Award 63 2017 Mexico Development of a 100% organic adhesive based cucurbita ficifolia.
Encouragement Award 65 1760 Pakistan Composting
Encouragement Award 66 1457 Paraguay Cypress essential oil for varicose veins and enlarged pores
Encouragement Award 72 1453 Paraguay Lemongrass as natural repelent
Encouragement Award 77 1564 Paraguay Drop by drop the water is running off
Encouragement Award 100 1967 Tanzania Speeding up sewage treatment to save mother nature
Encouragement Award 101 1454 Kyrgyzstan Phytoremediation of uranium radiation
Encouragement Award 102 1473 Turkmenistan Green paper making
Encouragement Award 107 1446 Iran A study of measuring growth level of peperomia magnoliifolia plant in aquaponic vs. Traditional farming
Encouragement Award 108 1790 Kyrgyzstan Effects of water
Encouragement Award 110 1953 Turkey Determining the antimicrobial capacity of essential oil obtained from tangerine peel impregnated zeolite and its usage as animal feed additive
Encouragement Award 112 1627 Kyrgyzstan Saving heat energy with insulation house method
Encouragement Award 116 1924 Macedonia A new ecological solution for floods caused by rivers – bioswale
Encouragement Award 118 1539 Iran Making homemade glue the plastic body of the pen in order to protect the environment
Encouragement Award 119 2039 Kyrgyzstan Special removable capsules mounted in a planes for safety of passengers
Encouragement Award 120 1980 Thailand The study of the reduction of ferric dissolved in iron(iii) nitrate solution and manganese ions dissolved in manganese(ii) sulfate solution by using corona discharged ozone
Encouragement Award 125 1776 Kazakhastan Anaerobic digestion of municipal solid wastes in kazkhstan
Encouragement Award 130 2092 Kazakhastan Compact multi-storey wind farm(CMSWF)
Encouragement Award 133 2093 Kazakhastan Solar Hydro Biomass Geothermal Wind Energies
Encouragement Award 134 1579 Kyrgyzstan Cleaning oily wastewater, combination of extraction and absorption methods.
Encouragement Award 135 1884 Turkmenistan Reducing the desertification and salinization by using the underground water resources
Encouragement Award 136 2091 Kazakhastan Wireless transfer of energy by Tesla`s method


Prize Description Stand ID Country Project name School/city
1st Prize Intel Isef (USA) may 2015 80 The Netherlands Draaien op natuurwarmte installaties Keizer Karel College from Amstelveen
2nd prize ISWEEEP (USA) may 2015 91 The Netherlands EWE Science Cygnus Gymnasium from Amsterdam
3rd prize MOSTRATEC (Brazil) october 2014 17 The Netherlands Life of Waste Calvijn College from Goes
1st special prize FAST (Italy) april 2015 69 The Netherlands Cycle Charge Bataafs Lyceum from Hengelo
2nd special prize London Science Forum (UK) july/aug 2014 44 The Netherlands Mos tegen fijnstof Gerrit van der Veen College from Purmerend
3rd special prize Young Scientists Context (Denmark) april 2015 32 The Netherlands Methane from cattle waste Maartenscollege from Groningen 
Encouragement Award 1 n.v.t. 9 The Netherlands Tundra Methane Calvijn College from Goes
Encouragement Award 2 n.v.t. 51 The Netherlands Induction wind turbine Maartenscollege from Groningen 
Encouragement Award 3 n.v.t. 58 The Netherlands Warmte kringloop Sint Michaël College from Wormer
Encouragement Award 4 n.v.t. 27 The Netherlands Project Killer Algae Calvijn College from Goes