Every year we receive many questions from participants about INESPO. On this page you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the event.

INESPO is the International Environmental Sustainability Project Olympiad, and is held annually here in the Netherlands. The participants have to come up with a solution for a current sustainability problem. This solution is then presented digitally for INESPO 2017 to a jury in the form of a report and a video presentation of a prototype, miniature etc. of the project. All secondary students aged between 13 and 18 can join to compete against students from all over the world. The 10 best projects will be invited to come to the Netherlands. Click here for the regulations. Click here to register your project.

On our website www.inespo.org, click on the button Registration 2017 on the home page and create an account to register (registration must be done by a teacher or adult supervisor). Registration deadline is March 1 2017. Make sure all registrations are complete and adhere to the regulations and criteria. Click here for the regulations.

Nominations will be announced on April 1 2017. The winners will be announced on June 1 2017. We will post all the nominated projects on this website. All supervisors of the winning projects will be contacted by email.

Participants must be between 13 and 18 years old. Exceptions can be made in some cases, please contact us at  info@inespo.org for exceptions.

Yes, there is a registration fee of €15 Euros per project and a participation fee for the 10 winning projects that will be invited to the Netherlands. The participation fee is €499 Euros per person. The Registration fee should be paid upon registration through PayPal. The participation fee and/or registration fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED in case of cancellation or failure to participate. All invited winning projects are expected to participate in the INESPO program in September.

Your participation fee is just a contribution. Your fee will entitle you to hotel accommodations, three meals a day, all excursions and local transportation during the INESPO days. The registration fee is a necessity to filter out debris and concentrate effectively on projects that are eligible for participation and selection. Please be advised that your participation fee does not include your travel expenses to and from the Netherlands.

The main project team should consist of no more than 2 students, however you are allowed to have student observers. In the event that your project wins, the student observer(s) and/or extra adult supervisor(s) can also attend INESPO in the Netherlands for an additional fee. The price for each extra participant is €699 Euros per person.

You are required to pay the registration fee immediately upon registration of your projects. You will be directed to PayPal when you register a new project. The participation fee can be paid by a bank transaction from your local bank. To make your payment, go to the button ‘Payment form’ on our website and fill in the payment form. Print the form and take it to your local bank where you can make the transaction.

Yes, transportation will be arranged for all wining participants arriving on both the designated arrival day and the designated departure day. If you arrive earlier or plan to leave later, you will have to arrange and pay for the transportation yourself. It is very important to provide us with your flight information or other travel information ahead of time.

Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner during the INESPO program. The food is included in your participation fee.

Yes, we do provide accommodations for the wining participants and their supervisors for the duration of the event. These accommodations are included in your participation fee.

Your project must be an environmental solution within one of the following subjects:  Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Civics/Social studies. The categories are Energy, Environment and Engineering, or subcategories thereof. The report needs to be uploaded as a Word document or PDF file. Your project may not have been used by another participant in previous INESPO editions, nor may it contain parts that have been used before. For technical restrictions and all regulations please click here.

The poster has to be a jpg or pdf file, and has to capture the project concept as well as possible including the research method, results and your conclusions. For the poster guidelines click here.

The video should be uploaded on YouTube.com. Use your YouTube account or create an account on YouTube.com and upload your video in private mode. Fill in the link to your video on the registration form. Click here for the video requirements.