Beste 10 projecten geselecteerd tijdens nationale ronde INESPO 2016

Zaterdag 9 april was het a.s.r. hoofdkantoor in Utrecht het kloppend hart van duurzaamheid, milieu, techniek, wetenschap en innovatie tijdens de 8ste INESPO. 200 scholieren van ruim 30 verschillende scholen presenteerden daar in totaal 62 duurzame oplossing voor een duurzaamheids- en/of milieuvraagstuk in de vorm van een project. Een deskundige jury beoordeelde de projecten en

The venue of INESPO 2016 International round

The venue for the international round of INESPO 2016 is 'Het Spoorwegmuseum' (the Railway museum) in Utrecht. On May Monday 30. and Tuesday 31. the olympiad will be held in this beautiful location. More information about the museum; The Railway Museum (Dutch: Spoorwegmuseum) in Utrecht is the Dutch national railway museum. It was established in 1927 and since 1954

Locatie INESPO nationaal 2016

De nationale ronde van INESPO in 2016 zal plaatsvinden op zaterdag 9 april in het hoofdkantoor van verzekeringsmaatschappij a.s.r.. Tijdens deze ronde presenteren meer dan 150 scholieren hun projecten over duurzaamheid en worden ze beoordeeld door onze kwalitatieve en zeer gespecialiseerde juryleden. Wij streven er elke jaar naar om de organisatie op een zo effectief

In memoriam Ercan Torun

It is with great consternation and deepest sorrow that we communicate the passing of our beloved colleague Ercan Torun (42). Ercan was the Director at Cosmicus Foundation, the coordinator of the INESPO Olympiad and board member of Cosmicus Education. He was a passionate and committed person who devoted lots of love and effort to education,

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INESPO finalist win second prize at Unge Forskere 2015

James Dowling and Tom Hoogerduijn Strating from the Maartens College in Groningen, won the second Prize at the Unge Forskere Science event last April. They won with their project Methane from Cattle Waste. Congratulations to them, Maartens College and their mentor James Serra.    

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Awards INESPO 2015

This year's awards partition is online, let's see who will take part in the medals!  

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National Round Finalists 2015

On Saturday April 11 the national round of the INESPO Olympiad was held in the Zuiderkerk in the heart of Amsterdam. 200 students from 27 schools presented their solution for an environmental problem in the form of a science project. A judging panel consisting of university professors and business professionals selected the ten best projects

Genomineerde projecten nationaal

Genomineerde projecten 2015 Project ID Schoolnaam Stad Titels genomineerde projecten 2192 Bonhoeffercollege Enschede Magnetic hydronamo: generating energy from waste water 2193 Bonhoeffercollege Enschede Zoetwatervoorziening voor droge gebieden 2205 Maartenscollege Groningen Cannabalism 2207 Maartenscollege Groningen CO2 storage in empty gas-fields 2217 Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal Veenendaal (M)eat the insects 2235 fons vitae lyceum Amsterdam QTC discothek 2241

International nominated projects 2015

Nominated projects 2015 Project ID Country Project title 2160 Afghanistan paulownia tree 2689 Afghanistan Effect of Pomegranate and Grape Seed Treatment on the Nitrate Ions in the Water 2698 Albania WIRELESS ELECTRICTY 2811 Albania A brand-new energy application 2336 Angola The Tree of Life 2337 Angola Storehouse of Iron-Health 2556 Argentina Mano Robotica 2931 Argentina

Judging Criteria 2015

Judging criteria INESPO 2015 Criteria Criteria Details Max. Points 1. Quality of the Exhibition Well-organized the exhibition material and project log. 10 2. Quality of Presentation Friendly and clear explanation of the project and contributions. 10 3. Creativity/Originality Originality of the problem, unique approach to solving a societal problem. 10 4. Feasibility Practical applications of