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The 7th INESPO 2015 will be organized by five Dutch organizations. All of them are active in the field of sustainability. They work together against fragmentation, for the benefit of cooperation.

  • Cosmicus Foundation

The Cosmicus Foundation is the initiator of INESPO and is an intercultural organization which organizes educational, cultural, social and scientific activities. Cosmicus Foundation constituted eight student associations, two secondary schools and four primary schools. Furthermore, the Cosmicus Foundation publishes an opinion magazine four times a year, is involved in diversity projects and organizes networking and cultural trips. More info at www.cosmicus.nl

  • Globe Nederland

Al Gore founded GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) to initiate a special educational program concerned with progress in science and environment. Over 25.000 students from 111 countries collect and share data to aid scientific research conducted by renowned scientists. Because the data is collected on the internet it is accessible to researchers all around the world. More info at www.globenederland.nl|www.globe.gov 

  • IVN

Since 2000IVN has managed to involve 20.000 students in the issue of sustainability with its ‘Schools for Sustainability’ program. IVN lets the students think up solutions for real sustainability issues commissioned by businesses and organizations. Furthermore, IVN organizes various local and regional events annually. More info at www.ivn.nlorwww.scholenvoorduurzaamheid.nl

  • DuurzaamDoor

DuurzaamDoor promotes sustainability in education in commission of the Dutch government. DuurzaamDoor supports a good embedding of sustainability in education through networks like Sustainable PABO, Sustainable Secondary Vocational Education and Sustainable Higher Education. More info at www.duurzaamdoor.nl


NPOINT is the Dutch Platform for Education, Innovation and Talent Development. It is a partnership of 21 different education centres, with approximately 400 employees. These centres carry out regional activities in the field of talent development, weekend training and educational events. More info at www.npoint.nl.