Poster guidelines


1. Clearly legible

A group of onlookers views the poster on a computer screen, so take the following into consideration:

  • General guidelines for making the poster: all poster elements have to be clearly visible at 5 meters distance from your computer screen
  • Font size: should be at least 20 point. Your title should be large enough to read from a distance
  • Illustrations: must be visible at a distance
  • Do not cram the poster. Avoid being exhaustive. Don’t think that all of your work is important and has to be on the poster

2. Well-structured

This means that the connection between the elements on the poster has to be clear, and that the most important information is prominently placed. Use:

  • Color
  • Communication lines (arrows work well)
  • Numbered headlines (the numbers suggest a fixed reading sequence)
  • Numbered figures and tables, that are referred to in the text

3. Comprehensible on its own

This often goes wrong with figures and tables, when an author’s explanation is needed to comprehend them. Prevent this by:

  • Giving them a title that expresses the message
  • Providing them with a legend

4. Stand out by way of an attractive layout

  • Use short text blocks: between 10 and 20 lines
  • Use pictures
  • Use several colors
  • The title should catch the interest of the observer