Video presentation guidelines



  • The presentation should not be longer than 10 minutes
  • The presentation should have a clear structure with:
    1. Introduction (idea, problem, reasoning)
    2. Core (techniques, methods, analysis, results)
    3. Conclusion (discussion of results, sustainability, application)
  • All group members need to speak English clearly and participate equally in the presentation
  • Your video should be uploaded using a YouTube account (set the video as private). You can fill in the link to the video when registering the project


  • Have a clear focused presentation
  • Less information is better. Don’t overwhelm your audience with data, stick to your overall point
  • Decide about using media, you don’t have to use PowerPoint, video etc, but if it helps in showing your point, use it
  • Graphs and pictures say more than words only. Take this into consideration (use your poster)
  • Give an overview of your presentation beforehand and try to visualize your progress
  • Practice your presentation, but don’t try to learn by heart. You can use flashcards, this is especially important because of the time you get (max 10 minutes)
  • Talk slowly and loudly and take your pauses (it can be loud in the conference hall)
  • Take your time for the preparation of your presentation. Due to the digital nature of INESPO 2017, your video presentation is very important. You can have the best research, but if you cannot communicate it, this will be reflected in the grading